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Welcome to 6th Grade Science

with Mrs. Sutton!


   In my class we will explore multiple science fields of study including: Physical Science, Life Science and Earth and Space Science.  


   I graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University in December of 2008. In the fall of 2009 I walked into AMS and fell in love with the students, the school and the overall community. I am a self declared science nerd. I love the subject I teach and tend to get a little goofy in my excitement when teaching. It is always my goal to inspire the same love of my subject in my students. In my opinion there is no better teaching moment than the look on my students' faces when they get caught up in the moment and I can see their light bulbs start turning on! I am excited about this year and look forward to our time together!


   This page will be used primarily to keep you current with my contact information and upcoming major events in class. Homework and tests can be found posted on the calendar in the Homework & Event tab.  I use the Remind program for class updates. If you click on the Remind tab to the right you will be able to see any reminders I have sent out. 


   Please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns. I always enjoy hearing from my parents. I can be reached at the school (225) 567-5231 or by email [email protected]