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Miss Garvey’s Student Syllabus

6th Grade Language Arts



Welcome to 6th Grade Language Arts!  I look forward to being your teacher! Below, you will find the course description, grading system, procedures, rules, and consequences for our classroom.  Please contact me with any questions or concerns via voicemail (908)475-4773 or email me at



Course Description

The sixth grade language arts curriculum utilizes balanced literacy, which is a framework designed to help all students read and write effectively in academically, as well as outside environments. Instruction is focused on various types of reading experiences: read alouds, shared reading, guided reading, literature circles and independent reading following the Reader’s Workshop teaching model. Reading instruction will focus on both fiction and nonfiction text including short stories, novels, poetry, dramas, and essays.  Writing instruction will focus on Narrative, Informational (Explanatory), Argumentative, and Literary writing with activities that include shared writing, interactive writing, writer’s workshop, and independent writing to improve composition skills within the 5 domains: focus, content, style, organizations, and conventions. 



Tests/Major Projects/Papers: 50%

Graded Classwork:  30%

Homework:  20%


Class Procedures


HOMEWORK:  Upon entering the classroom, students will record homework into their student planner.  All students start out with 100% for their homework grade. Each missing homework assignment is a 5 point deduction.  If a student has three missing homework assignments, his/her homework grade decreases from 100% to 85%. Late homework will not be accepted. Homework is generally assigned every night, except Friday. Daily homework assignments may include but are not limited to, vocabulary exercises, independent reading, and journaling. Long-term assignments will always be outlined in a document containing the objectives and expectations as well as a rubric and the due date. Completing homework when assigned will help a student with their final marking period grade.  


ABSENT STUDENTS:  If the parent/guardian did not request homework, it is the student’s responsibility to make up any missed work.


BATHROOM USAGE:  Each student must sign out.  Due to security procedures, I need to know where students are at all times.  Therefore, only one student may leave at a time. Students will use a “bathroom signal” so that students do not need to verbally ask for permission from the teacher. Unless there is an emergency, students should wait until the teacher is done with the instructional lesson.


Classroom Rules

1.  BE PREPARED:  Bring all necessary materials to class.  This includes pencils, pens, highlighters, any texts, notebooks, homework, etc.   After a grace period of a few weeks, students will not be allowed to return to their homeroom for missing materials.


2.  BE READY TO WORK:  Upon entering the classroom, students are to immediately copy homework into their planner, get necessary materials and begin opening activities.  


3.  BE POLITE:  Listen carefully when the teacher or a student is speaking.  No “fighting”, name calling, bothering, and so on. Don’t exclude anyone from an activity.  Have tolerance for students’ opinions that differ from your own. Never make fun of a student in any way.


4. RESPECT YOURSELF and OTHERS:  Keep your hands to yourself, get permission before using another person’s possessions, and return borrowed property when finished.


5.  FOLLOW ALL SCHOOL RULES:  Refer to the Student Code of Conduct for further information.


Consequences to Rule Violation


1st offense:  Personal Warning

2nd offense:  Behavior Form (This goes home to parent for signature)

3rd offense:  Removal from the classroom if deemed necessary and phone conference with parent/guardian

4th offense:  Conference with teacher,, and Mr. Thompson