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                                                                                     Welcome to Swift Elementary School!!!

                                                                                         Mrs. Carty, Facilitating Teacher

                                                                                                         609- 927-4141

                                                                                                            ext: 1104



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                                                                                                      FIELD TRIPS


                                                                                                      Story Book Land

  Wednesday,May 27

                                                                                      Jones, Monclus, Lee, Mortara & Newhall       

                                                                                                          Rain date: June 3rd
                                         Information will be sent home with your child as the date draws near



                           Additional tickets will be made available for purchase through our Parents' Club






                                                                                   Cape May Zoo - 1st grade

                                            Mrs. Delprete, Mrs. Ogborn. Mrs. Robertson, Mrs. Speigel, Mrs. Willson & Mrs. Laut



                                                                                May 11th  Shelter/ Pavillion 10 = Lunch





                                                                                      Young's Skating Rink -2nd Grade: 


                                                                                     May 8 th Biel,Cortellessa & Siegel

                                                                                     May 29th  Simpson, Walton & Zaccagnino 





                                                                    Cape May Nature Center- (Rain or Shine)- 3rd Grade:


                                                                 May 14th  -  Mrs. Cochrane, Mrs. Barr & Mrs. McGowan


                                                                 May 15th -   Mrs. Grimes & Mrs. Smith



                                                                                                              What about lunch???


                                                                       You may pack your lunch or order a lunch from the cafeteria!

                                                                                                   No glass bottles, pleassssssssse!

                                                                         Please wear sunscreen, old sneakers, and comfortable clothing.



                                                                                      Playland - Fun Day at the Rides-All welcome!! 

                                                                                                      May 16th - 12-5 

                                                                                                      raindate: May 17th  

                                                                                   You must purchase tickets ahead of time. Flyer to follow.  



                                                       FUN DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                                                     Friday, May 22nd  


                                                                                                                 Volunteers needed

                                                                                           Please contact Parent’s Club if interested

                                                                                                              Go to main website


                                                                                                        Click on Swift School Photo

                                                                                               Click on Parent’s Club on right of screen

                                                                                                  Volunteer on the Parents Club Facebook Page



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                                                                                                                           ABC Teach




















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