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April 2018 



Welcome To Mrs. Ross' Kindergarten Class!!! 




 Here are some things that we are curently working on in Reading/Language Arts:


Countdown - Countdown is a series of lessons focused on the essentials of foundational skils that students master in their early reading eduction. The lessons are designed to teach the essential skills, which promote strong decoding and fluent, accurate reading. 


Reading Comprehension - Students read short passages with fluency and answer questions. They use their text to refer to when needed to answer the questions. 


Sight Words - Please be sure you are studying them daily with your child! It is very important that they practice these everyday!!! You can find a list of all the sight words on this site as well in your childs binder in the page protector. 


Phonograms - Are the sounds that the letters make. A list of phonograms can be found on this site.


Writing - We are practicing writing 3 or more sentences daily. All sentences have their sight and challenege words in it.  This is also why it is important for students to know their sight words and challenge words. 



Reading - We are working on foundational skills such as:


Upper and lowercase letters


Middle sounds

Long and Short Vowels


Blend onset and Rime

Blending CVC words

Reading with fluency





Here are some things we are currently working on in Math: 


Addition and Subtraction within 5

Recognizing and writing numbers 0-20

Counting 1-100 by 1's

Counting to 100 by 10's

Days of the week

Months of the year











Week of April 16-20 - Scented markers and Pens fundraiser

April 19th - SAC/PTO Meeting @ 5:30

April 24th - Starts our ABC 26 Days of School Countdown 

April 30th - Interims go home