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Welcome To My New Website!

Hopefully you will find some helpful insights and reminders for the 2014-2015 school year. 

First I would like to remind everyone that we are on an ABCDE schedule again this year. It is important that students know what day they have P.E. so they can dress appropriately (see schedule below). We will be doing our "Minute Runs" again to get ready for the mile in April/May. Parents are again welcome to join us for the mile run, so I will give everyone a heads up when the time comes. We will also be doing the Diabetes Walk at Olivet and Jump Rope for Heart at Elmer (May 18th-22nd). Parents are again welcome to join us for some exercise for two great causes (dates to follow).


As some of you know the shoes I've collected over the years for the sneaker box were mistakenly given away along with the lost and found box to the needy. Although a good cause, this meant I had to start over collecting sneakers. I would like to thank all those who donated their old sneakers to help replenish the box!



Some classroom reminders:

1. Wear sneakers that either tie or velcro. No slip-ons. Too many accidents occur when our shoes are not  secure on our feet.

2. Wear play clothes.

3. No jewelry. This includes earrings. If there is a problem parents can shoot me an email or send a note.

4. Stop, look, quiet and listen when the whistle blows. 

5. Be a good sport.

6. Follow safety rules.

7. Follow class directions.


PE Schedule


Day A- Mrs. Talerico, Mrs.Perkins, Mrs. Podehl, Mrs. Duncan and Mrs. Ricci

Day B- Mrs. Ms. Cunningham , Mrs. Dunlap, Mrs. Fanz 

Day C-  Mrs. Bowser, 

Day D-  Mrs. Lafond, Mrs. Feaster, Mrs. Meyers, 

Day E-  Ms. McAllister, Ms. Ogilive, Mrs. Laspata, Mrs. A. Bottino, Mrs. Umbre-Hughes





 Don't forget with the winter months upon us to bring or wear your sneakers for gym on your designated gym day. (check above schedule) 



I would like to share a fun website on Nutrition...




Jump Rope for Heart at Elmer (May 18th-22nd).


Diabetes Walk will be May 26th. Again, parents are invited to join us for both events !!!!


Congratulations! We had another successful JRFH. We raised over $3200 for fighting heart disease.

Great Job! I would also like to thank Parents, Grandparents Family friends and teachers  who came and helped.



We are almost done the Mile Run for the year. All of the training since September has paid off. Many of you either made the run  or improved your time from last year. Way to Go!!  Future Schalick track stars!!  I would also like to thank the Parents, Grandparents, Family friends and teachers who came out and ran or cheered us on to the finish. THREE CHEERS to all of you!!