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 - Mrs. Nic's Google Classroom Codes -

Please use the appropriate join code [see below] to get into the class period as you see listed on your schedule. Look forward to "seeing" you in class!


Period 3-4: p47uyc4


Period 5-6: nzv773q


Period 7-8 (HONORS): afvs2qq


Period 9-10: fzyyqyt


Period 14-15: kdj2miy


Period 16-17: xcmsdjg



- Course Overview (Video Attached Here) -

Welcome to 7th grade Social Studies! I am looking forward to a fun and exciting year! This year’s curriculum will allow you to appreciate the importance of social studies subjects including history, geography, economics, political science, and sociology. In our study of these subjects, you will continue to develop and use a wide variety of critical and historical thinking skills that will prepare you to think analytically and have a better understanding of the world in which you live.


Units of Study

  1. Thinking Like A Historian

  2. Origins of the Constitution

  3. The Constitution and Founding Documents

  4. Early Government

  5. Westward Expansion

  6. Industry and Reform

  7. Civil War and Reconstruction



The year will be broken down into units and will be graded in the following manner:

Assessments – 70%:

This category will include tests, quizzes, projects, reports, essays, simulations,

self-evaluations, and a variety of other assessments.

Homework/Classwork – 30%:

This category includes readings, in-class group projects, debates, research, online projects, and a variety of other activities either done in class or assigned as homework.


Contact Information:

If you or your parent/guardian ever have a question, feel free to contact me via email at [email protected] or via phone at 856.694.0100 (ext 451). As I check it regularly, even after the school day, email is the best way to reach me.