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 Flood Information


McKinney-Vento Confidential Referral Form 



Louisiana Student Residency Questionnaire Form


*These two forms need to be filled out by parents of students that have been impacted by flooding. These documents can qualify students for help with school fees, school supplies, uniforms, and reimbursement for shoes. No uniforms can be passed out until these forms are returned by 9/16/2016.



Livingston Parish Reimbursement Request

For students impacted by the flood who turn in the above documents:

  • Any additional student uniform needs (shoes, belt, socks, underwear) may be purchased by the parent and are reimbursable according to the following amounts:

    • School-appropriate shoes (reimbursed up to $50.00)

    • Belt, socks, and underwear may also be purchased

    • Total reimbursable amount is $100.00




 All these forms must be turned into the office no later than Friday September 23rd.