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Mr. Hammock’s Class


Our Schedule

8:30-9:00 Breakfast/School News                  

9:00-9:30 Calendar/Morning Work

9:30-11:00 Reading/Writing

11:00-11:15 Brain Break

11:15-11:35 Social Skills

11:35-12:00 Lunch

12:00-1:10 Math

1:10-2:00 Specials

2:00-2:45 Math/Science

2:45-3:10 Snack/Social Skills


Special Class Schedule

Our special classes are split each day for the 50 minute class period and our class is split in half.  The classes are on a six day rotation as follows.

Day 1A Music/PE and Guidance/PE

Day 1B PE/Art and PE/Music

Day 2A Guidance/PE and Art/PE

Day 2B PE/Music and PE/Guidance

Day 3A Art/PE and Music/PE

Day 3B PE/Guidance and PE/Art


Classroom Management


We use Class Dojo points to reward positive behavior.  The points can be

redeemed for access to the treasure drawer every Friday.


We also use a color coded clip system which is fluid throughout the day.

All students start on green and good behavior choices move their clip up.

Reward colors are blue (1 gator bite) and pink (2 gator bites).  Poor 

behavior choices lead to yellow (think about it) and red (note home to 



Contact Me 

I usually arrive at school by 7:30 am and can accept calls until 8:15 am.

I can also be reached by email at