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Room 20's Community Service Project 

Our class wants to help animals that don't have a home, or have been abused or neglected in their lifetime. We are collecting donations to bring to the Burlington County Animal Shelter in Mount Laurel on December 16, 2016. Our students will be making special treats to bring to the animals, but any donation will be appreciated. Some wishlist items include: dry and canned dog and cat food, dog and cat toys and treats, hot dogs, peanut butter, blankets, paper towels, and dryer sheets. 

More information will be coming home with our students. 

ENGLISH - We read and discuss articles about a variety of topics each Monday to reinforce comprehension skills. Students are improving their reading strategy skills using Apex Learning with direct instruction. Students use Learning Ally to read independently. 


SCIENCE - Students are exploring ecosystems and how everything is connected. Students are learning about the process of photosynthesis and energy flow in the ecosystem. 


MATH - Students regularly use Dreambox Learning to reinforce mathematical skills at their individual level. We are practicing using Order of Operations to solve expressions and equations. 


HISTORY - CNN student news starts our history class. World History students are working on a brochure about an early civilization of their choice (Mesopotamia, Assyria, Persia, Egypt).


If you have access to a computer, feel free to explore these interactive websites that reinforce math and reading skills!

Dreambox - students can reinforce their math skills and increase their mathematical skills 

Learning Ally - students can read independently reinforce their reading 

English for Everyone - no login necessary for this free site that offers practice in all aspects of language arts.