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Library Procedures


*Students need a pass from a teacher any time they come to the library on their own.


*Students should show their pass to the librarian and sign in neatly in the sign in book.


*Food and drinks are not permitted in the library.


*Please notify the librarian immediately if you have a problem with a computer. DO NOT TRY TO FIX IT YOURSELF!


*Be respectful of others and work quietly in the library.


Circulation Policy


*All students may check out two books of their choosing at a time.


*Students should have their ID card and/or ID number to check out a book.


*Library books are checked out for two weeks at a time, and may be renewed up to 2 times.


*YA (Young Adult) Books are available to 7th and 8th Grade students ONLY. There are no exceptions to this rule.


*6th grade classes are brought to the library by their teacher every 2 weeks for library instruction and book exchange.


Overdue/Lost/Damaged Books


*A fine of .05 cents a day is charged for all overdue books.


* If a student reaches a fine of .50 cents, no more books may be checked out until the fine is paid.


*Students are resposible for taking care of their books and for paying to have a lost or damaged book replaced.


*Outstanding library fines can result in withholding your report card at the end of the year.