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April Simple Machines with Legos


Gears - Students will learn about gears, a type of simple machine, by engineering a top from Legos and testing how gears work to make the top spin faster or slower.


Wheel & Axle - Students will learn about wheels and axles, a type of simple machine, by engineering a car from Legos and testing how fast or slow the car moves with different wheels.



March  St. Patrick's Day Engineering Fun!


Engineering Shapes - Students will learn about basic bridge building and will engineer 2D & 3D shapes using toothpicks and gumdrops.



Engineering a Bridge  - Students use their knowledge of  bridges and shapes to engineer a beam bridge to get the Leprechaun to the Pot of Gold.





OSMO Activity Stations - Students will use the OSMO system to learn interactive play with words, numbers, tangrams, and drawing.



Block Coding with OSMO - Students will learn block coding using the interactive play system of OSMO and how block coding can be used for video game programming.




Hour of Code (2 Lessons) - Students will learn what an algorithm is, how it is used in coding, and they can use an algorithm to program a robot mouse to find his cheese.

BIG word of the Month: algorithm




 Gears, Gears, Gears - Simple Machines

 Students will learn and understand 5 basic simple machines, and of explore in depth gears, gear trains, and where gears might be useful and making work easier.


Quiver - Augmented Reality

 Students will explore the world augmented reality while coloring a picture and using the APP Quiver to bring that picture to life.



Happy Holidays!!!! See you in January!





STAR Lab - Constellations and other AMAZING things in the Solar System

Students will explore outer space, stars , constellations, and the mythylogical stories behind them while making observations inside the mobile STAR Lab!



Speed STEM - Students will be able to understand the relationship between science, technology, engineering, and math to complete various hands-on tasks in a 5 minute rotation.