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Welcome to Room 815,

     I look forward to the 2016-17 school year and meeting my students and their families.  Seventh grade science covers a wide range of topics that we will investigate through a variety of activities.  We will explore our world using hands on lab exercises, internet lessons and demonstrations, Think Central and our textbooks and Chrome books.

     All important information and support materials will be accessible from this site and or Google Classroom.  Students are expected to copy down the homework each week. Please check your child's planner on a regular and consistent basis; it is an important communication tool between home and school. All homework and lesson plans are available through OnCourse .

TEST CORRECTIONS: Test corrections are available to any student who scores below an 80, 1/2 credit will be added to the original score.  No student, even with test corrections, will score above an 80.

     It is essential that all students are prepared for class. Students are expected to bring pencil/pen, folder, notebook paper, Chromebook (fully charged), each and every day.

"Education is not preparation for life, education is life."

 Quarter One:   Nature of Science

                           Waves and Light

                            Energy and Heat

Quarter Two:    Ecology

                            Human Impact on Earth

Quarter Three:  Earth's Structures  

                            Earth's History

Quarter Four:   Life Over Time

                           Reproduction And Heredity

                           DNA and Modern Genetics

Students can access all important links through the Launchpad App on their Chromebook.


There are no District Checkpoints in 7th grade science this year but there will be 4 Common Course Exams created by the 7th grade Science team specifically covering standards and the material presented in our classes.



All students are required to sign the Lee County School District Lab Safety contract before they can participate in lab activities.