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Welcome to 6th Grade Language Arts

Mrs. Tina Kouns
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What we study in 6th grade Language Arts…

  Close Reading skills used to interpret complex fiction, non-fiction, and poetry 

  Writing skills that helps us to be effective in analyzing ideas, in explaining things, and in persuading others to accept our opinions

  Grammar skills that makes our sentences meaningful to others

  Vocabulary decoding skills

  Presenting skills



Florida State Standards

 The 6th grade Language Arts all teach the same curriculum each week.

  All lessons are planned to achieve the standards set by the state of Florida and the Academic Plans adopted by the Lee County School District in concurrence with the federal government standards. (“Common Core”)



classroom assessments

   FSA tests.

  Typically, our school performs well on these.

  Last year, CLMS’s sixth grade scores topped Lee County! 

  More and more are taken online.


We teach reading through:


  complex non-fiction passages

  FSA-type passages and quizzes

  One-Book-One-School schoolwide novel

Paragraph-labeling, Cornell notes, and graphic organizers are used to teach reading skills that apply to all subjects. 



Writing lessons

   Timed essays that teach the critical reading, the writing process using text based info., use of strong vocabulary, and proofreading.

   6th grade focuses on expository writing, using evidence to explain and expand on a topic.

  We also learn argumentative writing, in which facts are cited from a non-fiction text

  “Final Draft Format”: a document that is not accepted unless written in ink or typed

We Teach Five Stages of Writing…        







   …is taught through daily journaling, editing of projected passages, and practice homework.

Grammar in grade 6 means….

  Parts of speech

  Correct use of commas and capitals

  Correct sentences, both simple and complex

  Spelling of basic homonyms



  Language Arts will support the teaching of creating a thesis and a bibliography.

  CLERK is our students’ best research tool. It’s accessible from home.




What you can find on the school website:

  1. Go to school website (Google Cypress Lake Middle School.)

   2. CLERK research sites on the left side.

   3. Teachers’ School Sites at the top—homework and classwork posted on Mondays

   4. Parent newsletter


Grading System

  Assessments                           50%


  Classwork/Homework            50%



Class website:

Has link to ParentLink where you can check your child’s grades in all subjects


  …are hard for  6th graders to manage.

  Homework and classwork must be made up.

  Students who are out one day have one day to turn the work in. 

   Students should read AR during absence, if possible.


  Tips for Success:

  Be sure your child has a library  book, the school planner, a charged chrome book,  and the 6th grade binder at ALL times.

  Check your child’s planner and the class website every day for homework.

  Be sure your child is doing the homework. I stamp planners for missing assignments.