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Physical Education




Welcome Students and Parents 



The mission of the Physical Education Program is to develop in students the skills, knowledge, motivation, and behaviors that promote student achievement and a lifelong commitment to wellness centered on a healthy and physically active lifestyle.


Your child will be taking part in many fitness activities and will have an opportunity to participate in a number of team, individual, and lifetime sports.  Your child will be graded on their daily participation, team work, and knowledge of the activity through skills test, oral, and written tests.


A doctor’s note or a note from the parent will excuse the student from the activity.  Please have the doctor specify what the child’s limitations are and how long they will need to be exempt from the activity. 


Cypress Lake Middle School PE Uniform Policy


For hygiene reasons, all students are to change out of their school clothes and into a PE uniform every day.  This includes:


1. Athletic Shorts


2. Grey/White Tee-Shirt (no tank tops/ no sleeveless tees)


3. Name must be clearly written on each item


4. Athletic shoes fit for vigorous physical activity (no black soles/no sandals)


5. Socks


Tennis shoes secured with laces are required to be worn daily to promote student safety.  Teachers will track non-suits by the semester.  Students are not allowed to wear jewelry during class.


Each Thursday/Friday, students are expected to take their clothes home to wash them.  Students should bring their clothes back on Mondays.


For your convenience, you may purchase a P.E. uniform through the school.  The PE uniforms are in our school colors, high quality and will last students until they graduate. The set cost $20.00 and includes locker rental and lock. Lockers and lock rentals are available for $3.00 if you do not purchase the school uniform.




If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  My e-mail address is .  The school number is 481-1533 ext. 309.




Sandra Archie