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Welcome to our Classroom!


School starts Thursday, September 6th!!!


Please remember that Book projects are due the first day of school.

Also please remember to return all paper work that was sent to you over the summer.


News: Please come join us at Back to School Night on Tuesday, October 2nd at 6:30


Teacher in the room: Mrs. Mulherin

Phone # 358-8529 ext 4411



Aides in the room: Mrs. Dougherty

                           Mr. Crossland


Our classroom consists of grades 5-8th.


Wondering what school supplies are needed? 


Mandatory Items needed:


6 single subject notebooks


2 packs of pencils (one for home, one for school)


1 box of pencil top erasers


1 pair of scissors


1 pencil box / or pencil bag


2 packs of crayons (one for home, one for school)


1 ruler


2 pens any color


2 highlighters any color


3 folders


1 regular sized box of tissues


 Optional Item that is always welcome:


Clorox wipes


Our class schedule is:

(Please note the schedule is subject to change)

8:15-9:00 -  Explore

9:00-10:30 -  Math

10:30-11:00-  Lunch

11:00-12:30- LA

12:30-1:15- SS (*Snack)

1:15-2:00 - Science 

2:00-2:40 - PE/Health

2:40- 2:45- Homeroom

* Because lunch is so early this year, we will be providing a snack time. Please pack something healthy your child can eat at this time.


Please remember to check and sign agendas everynight for daily homework and important notes.