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Habari Gani: Science Today !!!




District Goals:



District Goal: Quality curriculum with remote access for the Irvington community
District Goal: Current Technology is accessible to the Irvington students and parents





Parent Workshops:  







Ms. Farrell Union Ave

May 2

Please encourage your scholar to volunteer for the upcoming Scholastic Book Fair.

Starting May 12th you may shop online until May 25th to support our Book fair.
In-person shopping for the Blue Cohort will be May 17 & 18.
In-person shopping for the Yellow Cohort will be May 20 & 21.





illustration of HD 100546


divers testing coral disease treatments 




Mr. Olumbe Grade 7 Science 2020-2021

Special Announcement:



Parent Checklist


The purpose of this parent Checklist is to, support (you) the parent, involvement in your child’s educational progress by identifying actions and linking to resources that:

1. Emphasize communication between the school and the home._______


2. Express your beliefs and ideas about what you think it means for             them (child) to be successful. _____


3. Encourage your child to set short- and long term- educational goals that they feel can achieve their goals. _____


4. Celebrate their academic accomplishments, so they know learning matters. _____


5. Monitor all work in their Amplify Science Digital Online Classwork Folders. _____


6. Ensure that your child has a consistent time and place to do homework. _____


7. Discuss school work regularly with your child. _____


8. Attend Any Irvington Parent workshops on helping your child at home.  _____


9. Ask your child to explain his/her science classwork and notes. _____


10. Emphasize the importance of education and doing one’s best in school. _____


11. Ensure that your child is in attendance and on time to school each day and their cameras stay on for the duration of the class. _____






Science TeacherEarth Science I


Geology on Mars

Plate Motion


Engineering Internship


Tsunami Warning Systems


Earth Science II


Rock Transformations


Physical Science


Phase Change


Chemical Reactions


Life Science


Populations and Resources


Matter and Energy in Ecosystems


Engineering Internship


Designing Portable Baby Incubators




Middle School Full-Time Remote Learning Schedule 



Teachers and students will follow their normal schedule with shortened periods 

Lunch and preparation periods are to be taken during normally scheduled periods 

Teachers and students will follow an A/B day schedule (alternating days) 



A Day                                            B Day



3-49:40 AM  - 10:55 AM.                     1-2 8:30 AM - 9:35 AM


6-7 11:43 AM - 1:00 PM.                    6-7 11:43 AM - 1:00 PM


8-9 1:05 PM - 2:10 PM.                               8-9 1:05 - 2:10 PM












CATEGORY                                                                          WEIGHT            # OF ASSIGNMENTS



TEST                                                                                         20%                           2


QUIZZES                                                                                   30%                           4


INDEPENDENT CW & PROJECTS                                          40%                           8


PARTICIPATION                                                                        10%                           1 PER  CLASS












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