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Welcome to J. Wallace James Elementary

"Academic Excellence in, with and through the Arts and Technology" 

Week of:May 20, 2019

Theme:  Graduation

Number: review

Shape:   review

Color:     review

Letter:    review

Skills:  classroom and school procedures, book usage, writing and reading progression (top to bottom and left to right), counting, listening skills, name recognition 

Snacks this Week: See Snack Calendar

(Please provide enough individual, Peanut-Free snacks for 20 children)



  • Check in at the front office before coming to our classroom
  • May 17th (Friday) - Important letter going home today concerning Graduation and other end of the year information.
  • May 18th - Saturday - J.Wallace James Color Run - hand in registration form
  • May 21st (Tuesday) - Prek Graduation -9:00 in Cafeteria ( students wear school uniform)


  Class News




    Every day the teachers and students make a commitment to "help keep it safe at school".  Please ask your child how that is going.  Review our Safety Rules with your child:


      1.  hands to yourself

 2.  walking feet

 3.  listening ears

4.  quiet mouths

5.  looking eyes.


    Every student has a right to feel safe at school.   


Thank you for your help and support.  We couldn't do it without you!! 




J. Wallace James


End-of-the-Year Grade Level programs will be this week.  



J. Wallace James is a Leader in Me School.  This program will help the students be successful at school and in life.  (The 7 Habits are listed below)  



Useful Links





Teacher Challenge:


Ask your child about:  their favorite things about Prek and what they are looking forward to in Kindergarten.  Enjoy your summer!  


 7 Habits 

1.  Be Proactive(You're in charge)

2.  Begin with the End in Mind(Have a plan)

3. Put First Things First(Work then play)

4. Think Win-Win(Everyone can win)

5.  Seek First to Understand, then to be Understood(Listen before you talk)

6. Synergize(Together is better)

7. Sharpen the Saw(Balance feels best)


 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at school at 337-521-7700, send a note in your child's folder or email me at 












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