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How To Contact Me:


Should you need to contact me please for any reason email me at or call and leave a message at school 337-521-7700. Also, I will be in constant communication with parents through Remind. To register for my Remind text messages text @20fe9 to 337-205-7549. 



MATH: Module 1 Lessons 15 - 16 will be taught. Test on Lessons 11 - 16 (addition / bundling and subtraction  / unbundling) will be Thursday.  6s facts quiz will be  Tuesday - If your child makes a 100%, he or she does not retake on Friday.


SCIENCE: We will continue to explore "LIGHT" energy through station work! Data sheets will be picked up for a grade!


TenMarks - Complete assignments as you see fit! I will check for completion of assignments every Monday. Stickers will be awarded if need be:-) Challenge yourself!