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Ms. Burzynski’s & Mrs. Vallian's

Physical Education Class






Week of May 6th, 2019




Monday:  Crab Soccer


Tuesday: Crab Soccer


Wednesday:  Cajun Ball


Thursday: Cajun Ball


Friday:  Fun Friday


 (Activities may change due to inclement weather)





Muscle of the Week:   gastocnemius

Word of the Week:  self-esteem



Science: skeletal system

Math: addition, skip counting, multiplication

Social Studies: Compass Rose


Art Integration:

    Drama: Leader in Me Chant/Habit Chant

    Art Vocabulary








-Ensure your child wears athletic/tennis shoes daily for PE, for safety reasons.

-If your child wears a skirt or dress, shorts need to worn underneath.

-1st-5th Graders receive a grade for PE. Please emphasize to your child to do their    best!

-Questions, Concerns?  Contact me at 521-7700 or 

-Toe Tokens will be given daily for students reaching 7 or more laps.

-Running Medals will be awarded at the end of the year for students reaching 30 or more miles by the end of April 2019.




Physical Education Expectations


1. Respect others.


2. Listen & follow directions.


3. Keep all body parts to yourself.


4. Be a Good Sport.


If the above expectations are not met, then the following will occur:


Step 1:  Verbal Warning


Step 2:  Think Time, as deemed necessary by the teacher, and 1 point deducted from grade.


Step 3:  Parent Contact on 5th warning (Physical Education Behavior Notification form).


Step 4:  Parent Contact on 10th warning (Star Behavior Report).


*Star Behavior Report will be written upon incident if a minor infraction occurs.

*State Behavior Report  will be written upon incident if a major infraction occurs.





PE Department Philosophy

Striving to be healthy for life in mind, body, heart, and soul.


PE Department Motto

Striving to Sharpen the Saw


Class Philosophy

Leadership begins with you!


Class Goal

I will do my personal best!