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  Ms Zadina's CP US I



Unit 1-America's Beginnings


Causes of the Am. Revolutionary War Music Video


"Hey King, Get Off Our Backs!" Handout and Guided Reading Questions(Received in class)


 Blank Guided Questions for Hey King.docx 


"Get Off Our Backs!" Homework, 21 points homework grade(Received in class)



  Revolutionary War and Declaration of Independence guided notes.pptx  


  The Revolutionary War and The Declaration of Independence Blank Guided Notes.docx  



Declaration of Indepence Cutout Activity (Received in class)


Analyzation of Thomas Jefferson's point of view on the Declaration of Independence, 20 points classwork grade (Received in class)


Declaration of Independence Music Video



Clip from John Adams- Declaration of Indepence


"Wanted Government" Reading and Handout (Both received in class)


 Causes and Effects Chart Directions and Cutouts.docx  


  The Constitutional Convention.pptx  


  The Constitutional Convention Questions.docx  


Articles of Confederation Music Video



"Wanted:Government" Reading and Guided Questions(Received both in class)

"Wanted:Government" Guided Reading Questions


 Guided Questions for Wanted Handout.docx 


"Wanted:Government" Power Point


 Just Right Govt_1.ppt 


Introduction to the Constitution Reading and Questions(Received in class)


Checks and Balances Activity(Done in class)


Test on this unit Thursday, October 5!



Unit 2-Legislative Branch Unit


 Congress in a Flash Lesson/Activity (done in class)


 Voting In Congress Notes/Power Point(done in class)


  Voting in Congress_Part 1.ppt 


LawCraft game from Icivics website(done in class)


   Slides_LawCraft Extension Pack_0.ppt 


Congress Packet, due date TBA


Test on this unit will be Wednesday, 10/25


Unit 3-Executive Branch 


Notes on the Basics of the Executive Branch


 Slides_Executive Command Extension Pack_0.ppt 


A Very Big Branch Lesson


 A Very Big Branch Guided Questions.docx 


Electoral Process Reading (Given in Class)


  Electoral Process Organizer.docx 


 Electoral Process Activities_0.ppt 


*Reminder!! Friday, November 3, First Marking Period Benchmark


Presidential Roles Webmap (Given in Class)

Presidential Roles Handout (Given in Class)


Executive Branch Packet(100pts) due Monday, 11/13


Executive Branch Test and Notebook Check, Tuesday, 11/14


 Unit 4-Judicial Branch/Bill of Rights 

  Better Judicial Branch powerpoint.ppt  

 JB Notes.docx 


Marbury v. Madison Cartoon Analysis

 Marbury v. Madison Activity.docx 


 Bill of Rights Notes given in class

 Newer Bill of Rights Notes.ppt 

 The Bill of Rights Notes.docx 


Bill of Rights Essay and questions given in class

Bill of Rights Packet given in class


Bill of Rights Artwork Activity


  Bill of Rights through ART.pptx  


Bill of Rights Situations given in class


Judicial Branch/Bill of Rights Notebook Check and Test Thursday, 12/14

Bill of Rights Packet due on Thursday, 12/14



Unit 5-Chapter 6 Launching a New Nation


Chapter 6 Vocabulary


 Chapter 6 Vocabulary List Updated(2).docx 


Chapter 6 Vocabulary Quiz on Tuesday 12/19


Chapter 6 power point

 Our_Early_Presidents_ Notes.ppt 


The Presidents Video on George Washington 


The Real George Washington Video 


George Washington Parody Video 


Whiskey Rebellion Video 


XYZ Affair Parody Video 


The Presidents video on John Adams



The Presidents video on Thomas Jefferson


War of 1812 Parody Video



Hamilton v. Jefferson Chart, given in class


Washington's Letter Comparison Activity, given in class


Reminder! Tomorrow, Wednesday, 1/17, Day 3, is the Constitution Quiz Bowl Day! The permission form must be signed by your morning teachers on a Day 3. Please turn in your slip by the end of today, Tuesday, 1/16, thank you! No permission slip then you must go to your Day 3 morning classes.  




Unit 6-Chapter 7 Balancing Nationalism and Sectionalism


Presidents Video on Andrew Jackson


Chapter 7 Vocabulary List

 Chapter 7 Vocabulary.docx 


Jackson's Presidency Power Point

 ppt jackson.ppt 


Chapter 7 packet, given out in class


Reminder! 2 Benchmark will be Monday,1/29 or Tuesday, 1/30!


Jackson Document Analysis, done in class


Mr. Bett's Parody Videos

Andrew Jackson:

Monroe Doctrine:

Missouri Compromise:



TedEd Video, History v. Andrew Jackson



Chapter 7 Test on Tuesday, 2/6




 Unit 7-Chapter 9 Expanding Markets and Westward Movement


Chapter 9 Vocabulary


 Updated Chapter 9 Vocabulary.docx 


Vocabulary Quiz to follow the day after doing the Vocabulary


Manifest Destiny Notes


 Adv US I manifest destiny.ppt 


Chapter 9 packet, given in class


Mr. Bett's Parody Video:


Manifest Destiny Painting, Chart and Questions given in class and due Wed. 2/14

 American Progress painting.docx 


Into the West Video, questions given in class and due after the video.


Class Scheduling on Monday, 2/26 and Tuesday, 2/27.


PSAT's Wednesday, 2/28 will affect all morning classes 


Test on Chapter 9, Friday 3/2




 Unit 8-Chapter 10 Union in Peril

Jigsaw Puzzle Project


 Puzzle Project Questions 

  Chapter 10 questions for jigsaw puzzle.doc  

Projects will be due on Tuesday, 3/20.



 Unit 9-Chapter 11, Civil War

Civil War Vocabulary

 CP US I Vocabulary.docx


Civil War Packet, given out in class


Notes on Civil War and Reconstruction

 The Civil War and Reconstruction.ppt 


Glory Video Guide, handed out in class




Civil War document analysis and paragraph response, given out in class/done in class 


  Unit 10- Chpater 12, Reconstruction


Reconstruction Vocabulary

 Chapter 12 Vocabulary.docx 


Reconstruction Packet due Thursday, 5/3




 Unit 11: Big Business/Immigrantion


Chapter 14 and 15 packet, given in class, due TBA


Big Business and Immigration WebQuest, given in clas, due TBA 


WebQuest Address-





Unit 12: Imperialism


Imperialism Notes



Yellow Journalism Activity, given in class


Imperialism packet, given out in class