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Welcome to Mrs. Ormond’s Class


      The students in this class will be exposed to a variety of topics which focus on life skills and incorporate core (English/Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies) and functional  academics within the curriculum.  The classroom learning approach will consist of whole group, small group and individual instruction targeting skills at each student’s individual educational learning goals.  

      The students will utilize reading programs such as Phonics First and The Edmark Functional Word Series program.  The Phonics First  program develops skills for phonemic awareness, phonics ,decoding (reading) and encoding (spelling), fluency, and vocabulary skills. Phonics First is an interactive, multi-sensory approach to strengthening sight vocabulary and reading fluency in order to improve comprehension. The Edmark Functional Word Series focuses on teaching reading fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension of targeted functional words.  The program teaches frequently used words from real-world contexts using a highly structured word recognition method.

      The students will be engaged in meaningful hands-on learning experiences.  We will have access to the latest technology including computers, SMART Boards, and I-Pads.  The students will utilize a variety of educational websites and Apps to increase learning and review academic skills.  For some students, assistive technology will be utilized to maximize each student’s ability to communicate and interact with their peers, as well as participate during group lessons within the classroom.

      The students will have hands-on opportunities with cooking lessons and will work hard to generalize skills from the classroom by participating in community shopping experiences. Cooking is a great way to include all students.  They can work on a variety of academic and functional life skills at their own level. Students will practice more practical recipes that they will be able to make on their own after they transition from school.   Cooking gives the students the opportunity to work on reading skills, sequencing, nutrition, meal planning, math for measuring, and using a variety of kitchen tools.  They will also learn kitchen safety, serving techniques, dining table set-up and table etiquette.

      The staff in our classroom are always finding ways to make our classroom full of authentic learning opportunities.  We will strive to increase each student’s independence with daily routines, academic tasks, healthy habits and building positive social relationships.  



Our Daily Schedule:



English – Small Group Instruction  - Phonics First and Edmark Reading Program - Functional Word Series  

                Centers Include:  Language Arts, Daily Work, Listening Center; Seasonal Activities, Computer, I-Pad, File Folder  activities, Jingo, Reading Recipes, and Reading Grocery Store Flyers


 Math –   Small Group Instruction – Teacher Guided Lesson (Number Sense, Addition/Subtraction, Time, Money, graphing,  Skip Counting, Measurement)

               Centers Include:  Grocery Store/Fast Food Restaurant Math, I-Pad, File Folder activities, Task Cards, Kitchen Measurement, Computer, Allowance Game, and Telling Time



Science –   Some topics we will learn about this year include Weather, Animal Habitats, Food Chain, States of Matter,  Earth's Layers,  and Landforms



Social Studies -   Some topics we will learn about this year include Maps, U.S. History, Countries and Landmarks Around the  World, and Being a Good Citizen


Life Skills - Monthly Themes:  Personal Information, Self-Care, Meal Prep/Kitchen Equipment, Money Management, Nutrition, Housekeeping, Values, Career Awareness, Leisure Time, Party Planning