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American Journey:


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The American Journey: Early Years (c)2012 - Student Edition




Chapter 1-The First Americans.pdf 

Chapter 2-Early Exploration.pdf   

Chapter 3-Colonial America.pdf           

  Chapter 4-Growth of the 13 Colonies.pdf 

  Chapter 5.pdf---Outline of Section 5.3 Key.docx

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Powerpoint Presentations


Chapter 3-Colonial America  

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Chapter 6-The Revolutionary War 

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ch6.2-The War Continues.ppt 

 Section 6.3 The War Moves West and South(2).ppt.pptx 

 Struggles in the South 6.3-Part 2.pptx  






  Federalists & Anti-Federalists.pdf 


 Medieval Times:

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Renaissance Notes-Analyze the two paintings.pptx  

Renaissance Powerpoint- Renaissance Art Slide Show 2012 (revised).ppt