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Mr. Worthington's World of History 

Class Information
Welcome to 7th Grade Social Studies!
Mr. Worthington

Mr. Sandberg (Periods 1,3 and 12)


D Team




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What you will learn:
Content:  You will learn information about the Renaissance, Exploration and Expansion, the beginnings of colonial America, War for Independence, the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution and Civics.  
Skills:  Informational text-reading skills, active reading skills, outlining techniques, collaborative learning skills, writing strategies, research skills, study skills, critical thinking skills, chronological thinking skills, spatial thinkng skills and technology skills.



What you will need to be prepared for class:
3 ring binder (2")
Pens and pencils
Loose leaf

Art Materials (when needed for in-class projects)



How you will be graded:
Test/large projects                                          50%

Quizzes/small projects                                  40%
Homework/Class Participation                    10%



Class rules you will follow:
Be on time and come prepared.
Once you enter the room, begin the “Do Now”
Have all assignments completed neatly and accurately.
Stay organized
Treat yourself, others, and your classroom with respect.
Follow all rules for good behavior as stated in the School Handbook.



The homework policy for the social studies department will be followed.
Some homework assignments are meant simply for practice and to reinforce content knowledge and skills. These assignments may receive no grade or they will be graded for completeness.  Other assignments that are more involved will be more closely inspected and graded by the teacher. 
If you are absent, you have one day to make up the work for every day you are absent.  For example, if you are absent 3 days, you have 3 days to make up your work, 4 days absent, 4 days to make up work and so on.


Absent Work:
You will be able to get your absent work in your class period’s “absent bin.” 

How to contact your teacher:
Speak with teacher before or after class.
Have a parent call the school at 467-3300 ext. 3403


Tests, Quizzes and Projects:
All tests will be announced one week prior to the test date. 
Quizzes will most likely be announced a few days in advance.  However, there can be some occasions in which a POP-Quiz is given, so be prepared!
All major projects will be announced a couple of weeks in advance due to the size of the project.
Some projects may be completed in class.
We may be completing projects with other subject areas.  For example, you may be writing an argumentative essay in English class about what you have learned in Social Studies class.




Quiz Retakes:  Retakes are available on quizzes that receive a score of 83 or below.  In order to meet the requirements for a retake you will need complete a supportive assignment that will prepare you for the retake opportunity.  After the supportive assignment is complete and checked by a teacher, you can retake the quiz.  The highest score one can receive on a retake is an 83.



Benchmark Assessments: 
You will be responsible for quarterly benchmark assessments.  The benchmarks will utilize information and skills we learn in class.    The benchmarks are designed to show growth so as the year progresses your skills should improve.



Extra Credit:
You can create 25 notecards/flashcards in preparation for a test.  On test day, you will hand these in and have them checked by teacher to receive 5 points extra credit on test.  You will receive 1 extra credit for an outside independent reading book.  That’s a total of 6 points you can earn on each test for extra credit! Take advantage of this opportunity.



How you can succeed in this class:
Use your agenda to record ALL assignments.
Do all homework, carefully, and neatly.
Make up all missed work due to absences as soon as possible.
Review for tests and quizzes several days in advance.
Take advantage of extra credit opportunities!
If you are having difficulties, immediately speak with your teacher for extra help. 
Have a positive attitude!