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 AMI Work





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 Cheatham, Rachelle   

 Environmental Science

 Pre AP Chemistry AMI Day #1

 Pre AP Chemistry AMI Day #2

 AP Chemistry

 General Chemistry Day #1

 General Chemistry Day #2

 Chisum, Kathy  
 Collins, Ella  
 Condley, Jessica   

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 Eidner/Lyon/Jones  All classes
 Gallagher, Ashley   

 United States History

 A.P. World History

 A.P. United States History

 Hartzell, Sharla



 Heffley, Joanne

 All classes


 Hill, Erin  All classes
 Holland, Chris  
 Jacobs, Rhonda                             All classes
 Jones, Reyna

 Spanish 1-4: Read 1 short story per day we miss, and

 on separate sheet of paper, draw a 3-5 frame summary of

 the story including all major details from the story.

 Kanady, Janet     All classes
 Kelley, Megan  All classes
 King, Brad     All classes
 May, Tehya   

 Art 2 & AP Studio Day 1 & 2 AMI Activities

 Art 2 & AP Studio AMI Day Activities

 Art 1 AMI Day 1 Activity

 Art 1 AMI Day 2 Activity

 Art 1 Additional Day AMI Activities

 McCutcheon, Milda  
 Moore, Scott  All classes
 Powers, Susan  
 Rezanka, Leenette  All classes
 Roby, James  
 Ross, Renee     All classes
 Smith, Greg  
 Smith, Jennifer  All classes
 Sumners, Jon     All classes
 Taylor, Stephanie