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Welcome to the WWS 8th Grade Website

8th Grade Homeroom Teachers: Mr. Cannon (ELA), Mrs. Drennan (Sci),  Ms. Donellan (Math), & Mr. Atkinson (Inc), ,,

8th Grade Social Studies Teacher:  Mr. McGowan (




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Important Information:


  • School begins at 8:40 am.  Please arrive to school on time, three days late to school results in a detention.
  • All students going home for lunch must return to school by 12:10 pm.
  • Uniforms must be worn as intended each school day.  No logos on sweatshirts, no jeans/denim, no distracting accessories, etc.  Please review the district managment policy for more information.
  • If you are absent, you must return to school with an absence note signed by your parent.  Please be advised 10 unexcused absenses will result in possible retention and you may not be able to graduation on stage.  Please see attendance policy.
  • If you are sick, please contact your homework buddy for all missed assignments.
  • Homework is assigned every night!  If there is no written assignment reading and studying should be done nightly.



Our goals for the 8th grade students:


  • Start learning/practicing time management skills.
  • Prioritizing their school work 
  • Taking responsibility for their own actions (such as missing assignments and making up missed work)
  • Writing down homework and coming to class prepared
  • Building self-confidence and positive relationships with peers
  • Practicing working with other 
  • To prepare students for High School and to have a successful year at Woodrow Wilson



News and Upcoming Events:

  • Sept 8 - First day of school
  • Sept 27 - Ring measurements
  • Oct 11 - Columbus Day, School Closed
  • Nov 2 - No school for students/Staff Training Day
  • Nov 4, 5 - No School - NJEA Convention for Teachers
  • Nov 11, 12 - No School
  • Nov 24 - 12:40 dismissal, Dressdown down day
  • Nov 25, 26 - No School, Thanksgiving Break
  • Dec 24 - 31 - Winter Break
  • Jan 3 - Return from Winter Break
  • June 20 - Projected Last Day of School



  • Sew It, Love It! Club- Make a Quilted Holiday Stocking or a Quilted Pot Holder with Mrs. Drennan (12/9 - 12/20)
  • Sew It, Love It! Club- Make a Reversible Apron with Mrs. Drennan (begins 1/28) 



Support 8th Grade Events!

  • Magnetic Paw Mirrors and Picture Frames - $2 each
  • Raffles


 ALL profits from Grade 8 Fundraising

go DIRECTLY to the 8th grade class trip!

***Please Participate*** 


Teacher: Ms. Donnellan

Email address:


  • Grading policy: Tests 65%, District Assessments 5%, Quizzes (announced and unannounced) 15%, and Homework 15%
  • Homework is assigned every night.  Homework grades start at a 100%. For each missed homework assignment, 5 points will be deducted.
  • Test and quizzes will stay in the classroom in each student's math folder.  Each student is responsible for writing his/her grades down in his/her notebook to keep a record of his/her grades. 


All students have access to online textbooks, workbooks, worksheets, homework help, video tutorials, math games, practice tests, and practice quizzes online at 


Khan Academy Web Resources

Students are encouraged to check the BBOED Website under the Grade 8 Math Department for links to helpful videos listed by Chapter.  These videos are alligned to our curriculum and Grade 8 Mathematics Textbook.  The web site ca be found here 


Please utilize all online resources available to you.




Language Arts

Teacher:  Mr. Cannon







 Course Overview:

  • Novel Study:  Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt, Night by Elie Weisel, The Giver by Lois Lowry,  & A Midsummer Night's Dream - William Shakespeare
  • Independent Novel Projects: Each student is required to complete a novel project for each Marking Period according relating to the current reading material.  All project assignments is shared via Google Classroom
  • Self Identity Project:  All students are required to complete a portfolio project incorporating various writing formats.  Project is completely self reflective and independent to each student.  To be completed during Marking Period 3
  • Journal Writing:  Students will be required to complete reflective journal assignments that work in coordination with the current reading material.  All journal assignments are shared via Google Classroom
  • Writing Links:  Poetry, Paragraph Writing, Unity and Coherence, Essay Writing, Open Ended Questions, Persuasive Writing/Argumentative Writing, Speculative Writing, Narrative Writing, Explanatory Writing
  • Grammar Links:  8 Parts of Speech-- Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Verb, Adverb, Preposition, Conjunction, Interjection -- Sentence vs. Fragment, Phrases, Clauses


  • Vocabulary Tests – Every Other Week 
  • Comprehension Tests - Every Other Week
  • Journal Writing  -- Shared via Google Classroom on a weekly basis
  • Grading Policy:  60% Tests, 30% Quizzes/Homework, & 10% Participation
  • Extra help available daily



Teacher: Mrs Drennan

Email Address:







 1)  Show up prepared (text, notebook, pens, assignment pad, undivided attention)

 2)  Ask questions if you do not understand

 3)  Participate in class discussions

 4)  Read the assigned material in a quiet location and make notes as you read to help you remember

 5)  Complete all homework

 6)  Complete all end of section questions in the assigned chapter, complete the chapter review, & complete the practice chapter test

 7)  Review your notes

 8)  Share with your family during dinner what you learn each day










Social Studies

Grade 8

Mr. McGowan


Grade 8 students are expected to come to class prepared, with completed homework and all necessary materials.  This includes notebook, textbook, chromebook, looseleaf and pens.  Students will be informed of the necessity of bringing in any extra materials in advance.


Homework is to be completed when assigned.  If a student misses an assignment, he or she will have ONE  day to make up the work.



Ch. 6: Fall of the Roman Empire 

Ch. 8: The Early Middle Ages

Ch. 9: The High Middle Ages 

Ch. 10: Russia and Eastern Europe

Ch. 14: The Renaissance and Reformation

Ch. 11: The Islamic World

Ch. 12: Africa (if time allows)

Ch. 13: Asia (if time allows)




Students will prepare for Section quizzes and Chapter Tests. Some chapters will be broken into two parts, as they are quite long. Those chapters will have a Part 1 and Part 2 test. Homework is assigned most weeknights, and could be vocabulary, note-taking, comprehension questions, or geography questions or worksheets.  Geography worksheets will count as test grades. For some civilizations/chapters, students will complete projects. These also will count as test grades.


The 7th and 8th grade grading policy for Social Studies is Summative (tests, projects, essays, etc.) grades are 55% of the final grade; Formative (quizzes, homework, etc.) grades are 40%, and District Assessments are 5% of the final grade.


Conferences and Extra Help

Extra help in Social Studies is offered once a week at 8:00 AM. The day of the week varies due to the teacher's schedule, but it will be posted in the classroom for all students to see.

Mrs. Boyle is available for Parent Conferences at the following times: Mon. 12:55; Tues. 10:50; Wed. 10:50; Thurs. 12:55; Fri. 8:50



* Upcoming due dates for NHD: 11/18 - 4 Source Credibility Worksheets due

                                                12/2 - 4 Source Credibilty Worksheets due

                                                12/16  - Paragraph #2 of Process Paper due