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Welcome to the 7th Grade Webpage


Teacher Emails:



Schoology Link for Parents:


**Link to NJ Department of Education Graduation Requirements: GradReq.pdf 



Scheduling Meetings with Us:


If you'd like a meeting with one or all of your child's teachers, you must make an appointment first.  Email is the easiest way to do this.  Teacher time availabilities are as follows:


  • All Teachers:  Mondays, Tuesdays, & Fridays at 8:15am
  • Mr. McGowan:  Mon. 12:50; Tues. 10:50; Wed. 10:50; Thurs. 12:55; Fri. 8:50
  • Dr. Najmi: anyday after 1:30pm
  • Mrs. Drennan:  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday 11:30am, Tuesdays 1pm
  • Mr. Stajk:  Monday 1:00 pm, Tuesday 10:50 pm, Wednesday & Thursday 11:30 pm, and Friday 10:50 pm. 


Picking Up Work When Your Student is Absent:


You may pick up your child's work in the office anytime from 3pm-5pm.  Siblings in school may pick up the absent student's work from the office at 2:55.  The work will not be sent to another classroom -- it must be picked up from the office.



Important Dates:


  • Monday, Oct 11 - No School, Columbus Day 
  • Nov 2 - No School, Staff Training
  • Nov 4, 5 - No School, NJEA Convention
  • Nov 11, 12 - No School, Fall Break
  • Nov 25, 26 - No School, Thanksgiving
  • June 24 - Last Day of School


Language Arts

Teacher:  Mrs. Tansey




  Course Overview:

  • Novel Study:  The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, Milkweed by Jerry Spinelli, A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Parker, and Heroes, Gods, and Monsters of the Greek Myths by Bernard Evslin 
  • Students must have access to Google Classroom. If your child is not part of the class on Google Classroom, he or she will fall behind. 


  • Grading Policy:  60% Tests, 30% Quizzes, 5% homework, and  5% District Assessment
  • Extra help available daily, when scheduled. 


 Students are just finishing Milkweed novels. Projects and writing assignments will begin upon return from Winter Break. Have a safe and relaxing break! 


 Social Studies

Grade 7

Mrs. Boyle


Students are expected to be prepared for clas every day.  They are required to bring textbooks, notebooks, chromebooks, pens and looseleaf to class EVERY DAY.  Students will be told to bring any other necessary materials in advance.


Students are expected to follow all the district, school and classrooom rules.  Homework is to be completed when assigned.  If an assignment is missed, a student will have ONE extra day to make up that assignment.


What we will be learning this year:

Grade 7 will be studying World Civilizations this year.  We begin in September with Prehistory and move through to the end of the Roman Empire in late May.


Ch. 1: Toward Civilization 

Ch. 2: Early Civilizations in the Middle East 

Ch. 3: Early India and China 

Ch. 4: Empires of India and China 

Ch. 5: Ancient Greece

Ch. 6: The Roman Empire

Ch. 11: The Islamic World (if time allows)





**Grade 7 will most likely start this project around spring break.**

Later on in the year, we will conduct a research project called "The Research Lab."  Students will learn how to conduct research and write a report, while correctly citing their sources.  Each student will research characteristics of a given ancient civilization and, in groups, write a book describing that civilization.  This project will probably take place during the third marking period.  Please check back for updates and more information.



Students will prepare for Section quizzes and Chapter Tests. Some chapters will be broken into two parts, as they are quite long. Those chapters will have a Part 1 and Part 2 test. Homework is assigned most weeknights, and could be vocabulary, note-taking, comprehension questions, or geography questions or worksheets.  Geography worksheets will count as test grades. For some civilizations/chapters, students will complete projects. These also will count as test grades.


The 7th and 8th grade grading policy for Social Studies is Summative (tests, projects, essays, etc.) grades are 55% of the final grade; Formative (quizzes, homework, etc.) grades are 40%, and District Assessments are 5% of the final grade.


Extra Help

Extra help in Social Studies is offered once a week at 8:00 AM. The day of the week varies due to the teacher's schedule, but it will be posted in the classroom for all students to see.







Grade 7 Mathematics

Dr. Najmi



Hi Everyone! My name is Dr. Najmi and I am so excited to be your child’s 7th grade mathematics teacher.  


Throughout the year, it is important to have a strong parent-teacher relationship.  If at any time you have any questions or concerns, please contact me. You can email me at or call the main office at (201)-858-5996.  Also, please check the schoology website often for homework assignments as well as important updates.  I update my page as much as possible with reminders, news, homework, and other information that might be helpful. I am thrilled to be starting on this year’s journey with your children!  I look forward to watching them learn, grow, and have a fantastic time in 7th grade!


*All students have access to their online math textbook via>students->myhrw

*All 7th Graders were given a math student contract and was signed by the student, their parents/guardians, and myself. Together we are promising to do our very best to have an extraordinary year!

* We will be covering the following in Unit 1

  • Modules 1, 2, and 3

*In addition to what we learn in class, I encourage all students to take advantage of online resources available to them. These include:,, etc.

* All material will be posted on Schoology if needed!


Congratulations to our September Student of the Month

Students, keep up the good work and parents thank you for supporting your child’s academics. 








Mrs. Drennan

Email Address:





Tips For Achieving Success in Science Class


 1)  Show up prepared (text, notebook, pens, assignment pad, undivided attention)

 2)  Ask questions if you do not understand

 3)  Participate in class discussions

 4)  Read the assigned material in a quiet location and make notes as you read to help you remember

 5)  Complete all homework

 6)  Complete all end of section questions in the assigned chapter, complete the chapter review, & complete the practice chapter test

 7)  Review your notes

 8)  Share with your family during dinner what you learn each day







1) WWS Green Club








We Strive To:

  • Provide a safe, warm and welcoming learning environment
  • Encourage students to become motivated in learning
  • Make accommodations and modifications for those who have an IEP
  • Collaborate with the general education teachers
  • Provide guidance and assistance for all students


 Our goals for the 7th grade students:


  • Start learning/practicing time management skills.
  • Taking responsibility for their own actions (such as missing assignments and making up the work)
  • Writing down homework and coming to class prepared
  • Building self-confidence and positive relationships with peers
  • To prepare students for 8th grade and to have a successful year at Woodrow Wilson