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Addition and Subtraction
Add Like Mad - Click on the squares to add the numbers to equal the value of the problem given.

Alien Addition - Practice your addition facts.
Building Expressions - Find how many addition and subtraction problems you can get correct.
Canoe Puppies - Race the puppies in their canoes while you solve two digit addition problems.
Clear It Addition - Make number sentences that add up to the number given.
Double Digit Math- Practice adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing double digit numbers.

Math Majhong Addition- Click the answer tiles to match the question tiles.
Math Match - Match addition, subtraction or multiplication facts with their number sentence.
Math Fact Shoot Out - Practice addition and subtraction facts while you shoot hoops.
Minus Mission - Practice your subtraction facts.

Picture Puzzle Addition - Practice your addition facts while you solve a jigsaw puzzle.

Pearl Search Subtraction - Click on the clam with the correct answer.
Rock Hopper - Use your addition and subtraction skills and get frog to the target number on the rock across the pond.
Soccer Math: Adding Two Digit Numbers - Find the sum, then shoot a goal!
Soccer Math: Subtracting Two Digit Numbers - Find the difference, then shoot a goal!
Speed Grid Challenge - Try to beat the clock and form subtraction problems to find the answer given.

Sum Sense Addition - Drag the number cards to create an addition sentence that makes sense.

Sum Sense Subtraction - Drag the number cards to create a subtraction sentence that makes sense.
Water Slide Addition - Try to repair the water slide with 2 numbers that add up to the target number.

Base Ten and Place Value
Base 10 Bingo - Practice counting by ones, tens, hundreds, thousand
Base Ten Fun -  Make numbers using Base Ten Blocks.
Football Math: Place Value Game - Make a pass, then decide which number is in the one, ten, hundreds or thousands place.
Hockey Score - Fun way to practice place values of ones, tens, hundreds and thousands.

Soccer Math - Practice estimating sums, differences, products and quotients.
Soccer Math Rounding - Practicing rounding while you shoot goals.

Fractions and Decimals

Decimals on a Number Line - Look at the decimals on the number line. Decide which number is missing.
Equivalent Fraction Shoot - Find the graph picture that matches the fraction given.
Fraction Dolphins - Read the fraction on the bucket and click the dolphin showing the equivalent fraction.
Fraction Flags - Paint a flag using halves and quarter fractions.

Fraction Match Game - Play a memory game matching the fractions.

Fraction Monkeys - Place the monkeys holding fractions in order on a number line.

Fraction Race - Play a fraction game.
Fraction Word Problems - Read the problem. Solve it. Click on the correct answer.
Fraction Word Problems Database - Several fraction word problems to read and solve.

Fractions Made Easy - Listen and watch this tutorial and learn about fractions.
Fractions Shoot - Click on a level of difficulty and practice your knowledge of fractions.
Making Equivalent Fractions - Match the equivalent fractions.
Matching Fractions: Parts of a Set - Match the fraction to the picture that shows the same thing.

Math Man: Fractions of a Number - Find the number that is the whole number of the fraction given. (½ of 6 = 3)
Who Wants Pizza? - Fraction basics, equivalent fractions, adding fractions and more!

Graphs, Grids, and Tally Marks
Bar Graphs - Use the tally chart and complete the bar graph.
Ice Cream Graphing - Graph the ice cream orders.
Let's Graph - Count tally marks on a graph and answer questions about your results.
Line Plot - Count the tally marks and make graphs with the data.

Pictographs - Make a graph using tally marks and objects.
Points on a Grid - Practice following directions to find points on a grid.
Reading Bar Graphs - Use the graphs to answer the questions.
Tally Marks - Match the tally marks to the number it represents.
Venn Diagrams -Use the Venn Diagrams to answer the questions.


Finding Lengths Using a Ruler - Practice measuring in inches and centimeters using a ruler.
Measuring Angles - Use the protractor and measure angles to the nearest degree.
Measuring Angles - Use a protractor and measure acute, obtuse, right and more angles.


Cash Out- Make change for your customers.
Change Maker - Figure out how much change to give back. 

Coin Madness - Add the value of the coins to make change.
Counting Money - Read the word problems and choose the coins needed to buy the items.
Dolphin Feed - Feed the dolphins while you count money amounts.
Lunch Lady - Total the three items on ten lunch trays (one at a time) in three minutes.

Making Change from One Dollar - Figure out how much change to return.


Multiplication, Division, and Order of Operations
Balloon Pop Multiplication -Solve the multiplication problem. Pop the balloons in order of smallest to biggest.
Baseball Multiplication Game - Play multiplication baseball against the computer.
Bracket Basics - Use brackets to find your answer.
Croc Doc - Brush the teeth of the crocodile with the correct answer to the division math problem.

Demolition Division - Shoot the tank at the correct answer to the division problem.
Fly a Kite - Practice multiplication fact families.
Function Machine - Decide the rule using either addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.
Input Output Boxes - Look at the numbers and the rule. Decide which number belongs in the box.
Matching Division - Match the pairs of division problems with their correct answers.
Math Frog: Order of Operations - Use math facts and brackets to find the answer.

Meteor Multiplication - Blast the meteor with the correct answer.

Multiplication Majhong - Click the answer tiles to match the question tiles.
Order of Operations - Use addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to find the answer. 
Penguin Jump - Help your penguin reach the finish line first by answering multiplication facts as fast as you can.
Picture Match - Choose multiplication, division, addition or subtraction. Pick numbers to reach the given number.
Quick Math - Choose either addition, subtraction, multiplication or division to solve the problem.
Space Arrays- Use arrays in outer space to multiply!

Perimeter and Area
Area and Perimeter - Find the area and the perimeter for the shape.
Area of a Rectangle - Find the perimeter of a rectangle.
Baseball Geometry: Area of Rectangles - Find the correct area while you play baseball.
Basketball Geometry: Perimeter - Find the perimeter while you play basketball.
Everything You Wanted to Know About Perimeter and Area - Learn and quiz yourself on perimeter and area.
Perimeter of a Rectangle - Find the value to the missing sides.
Perimeter of a Rectangle: Find the Missing Measure - Find the value to the missing side.
Shape Surveyor - Find the area or perimeter of the shapes given.
Ship Builder - Use area and perimeter to launch ships.
Zoo Designer - Design cages for the zoo calculating area and perimeter.

Shapes and Symmetry

3D and 2D Shapes - Take a closer look at shapes, vertices, prisms and pyramids.
3D Exploration - Find 3D shapes in five different locations.
Calamity's Quest - Solve question about shapes, symmetry and position and solve the mystery.
Line Symmetry - Video lesson using nature, architecture and shapes to illustrate symmetry.
Lines of Symmetry - Choose which shapes are symmetrical and which shapes are not.
Reflective Symmetry - Draw and sort the shapes of vertical, horizontal, or both.
Shape Lab - A fun game that compares 2D and 3D shapes, fractions and lines of symmetry.
Symmetry Game - Find symmetry in 2D shapes.

Bang on Time - Read the time in words then bang the clock with the hands tell the same time.
Giraffe Dash - Help the giraffe win the race by telling time to the hour, quarter hour, and half hour.
Giraffe Pull - Tell time using words.
Match Up Time - Memory game matching the analog time to the digital time..
Stop the Clock - Drag the time to the correct clock!
Telling Time - What time is it?
Time Matching Game - Matching game with clock times.
Time Travel - Learn to tell time by using an analog or digital clock.
What Time is It? - Match the analog time with the digital time.
Willy the Watchdog - A 2 player game that teaches time to the half hour.



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