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Welcome Students!!


   My name is Mrs. Smaniotto and I will be teaching three sections of CP English II and two sections of Advanced English II this year!  This is my eighth year teaching at EHTHS, and  I am looking forward to having a very fun year with you all. 


   Google classroom information is listed below.  Please remember to check your google classroom for upcoming assingments, due dates, etc.  Feel free to e-mail me any comments, questions, or concerns that you may have at any time throughout the year.  Remember, YOU are your best self advocate!  My contact e-mail information is as follows: 





 Google Classroom Login Information


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Advanced English II (ORANGE): 


Advanced English II (PINK): 


Journals MP 1:

1.  "Education opens doors where none seem to exist."  Explain what this quote means in your own words.  Do you agree with the quote?  Why or why not?


2.  What is your favorite fictional story?  Please provide a brief summary of the story.  Why is this your favorite fictional story?


3.  What is the most important quality a friend should have?  Why?

-Discuss how you met your best friend and include why this person is your best friend.


4. Discuss a time when you witnessed, took part in, or was the victim of bullying.  What happened?  What was your role?  Did you learn anything from this experience?