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 Unit 6 - Stoichiometry


Packet:                Stoichiometry Packet.pdf 



Practice Tests:     Stoichiometry Practice Test - 2009.pdf 

                                Stoichiometry Practice Test - 2009 - Key.PDF 



                                Stoichiometry Practice Test - 2012 A .pdf 

                          Stoichiometry Practice Test - 2012 A - Key.PDF 


                          Stoichiometry Practice Test - 2012 B.pdf 

                          Stoichiometry Practice Test - 2012 B - Key.PDF 


                          Stoichiometry Practice Test - 2013 A.pdf 

                          Stoichiometry Practice Test - 2013 A - Key.pdf 


                          Stoichiometry Practice Test - 2013 B.pdf

                          Stoichiometry Practice Test - 2013 B - Key.pdf   





If you still feel like you need additional practice with stoichiometry, please see the resources below:


-Your textbook. We are currently in chapter 9. There are review questions at the end of each section and at the end of the chapter. Your textbook also has solved examples of the different types of problems also in chapter 9.

-Khan Academy has some very good videos on stiochiometry (especially helpful if you forgot your textbook in school). You can use the sidebar on the website to navigate through different videos including some on limiting and xs reactants.

-As always, if you have any questions, you can always email me!



Unit 7 - Solutions and Net Ionic Equations


Absent Notes:    Complete and Net Ionic Equations  Complete and Net Ionic Notes.pdf 


Handouts:         Solutions Packet.PDF

                        Solutions and Net Ionics Review.pdf


                         Handout #5.PDF    




Solubility Lab Makeup (Double Displacement Lab)


If you were absent on lab day, use the pictures below to complete tables 1 and 2. Further directions are on page one of the the observations pdf below.


 Double Displacement Lab Observations.pdf 


 Solubility Lab Report 2017.pdf 





Unit 8 - Periodic Trends - Winter Break Work

  Chapter 5 - Lecture Outline - Winter Break Assignment.pdf 





Unit 9 - Physics and Electrons


 Chapter 4 Physics - The Arrangment of Electrons Lecture Outline.PDF  


  Handout:              Chapter 4 Worksheets pg 14 and Extra Practice.PDF

                               Interpreting Graphs - Packet Page 3.PDF 


  Powerpoint:         Chapter 4 Physics - The Arrangement of Electrons.pdf


  Test Format:        Chapter 4 Part 2 Test Format.pdf  


 Quantum Practice Test Key.PDF 






Marking Period 2 Benchmark

     Kahoot Review:

     Review:  MP2 Benchmark Review Key.pdf