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We are attaching a link to emergency plans.  In the event that our school closes, students should follow this link which connects to Moby Max and access the assigned lessons dated Friday, March 13th.  We are attaching a link to our First Grade Emergency Lesson Plans.  In the event that our school closes, students can access lessons on Moby Max. After you find your name, CLICK DRUM and then ART PALETTE to login.  You can also access Moby Max through the traditional login under our school, go to EHT school wbesite at and hover over Schools. Select Slaybaugh School Complex.  Hover over Academics and click on Moby Max Primary.  Username and Password are the same: Student ID number 


If you would like a printable copy of the lessons, you may find these in the "Emergency Lesson Plans - 1st Grade" tab at the left.  These lessons DO NOT need to be printed.  PLEASE ONLY DO THIS IF YOU CANNOT COMPLETE ONLINE!  There is a PDF option only to for those who cannot access Moby Max electronically, which is the way it is intended to be used.


Please know that work should ONLY be started / completed upon a Global School Messenger all call from Dr. Gruccio.



Team "Best" Buganski with Mr. C!

Class of 2019-2020 First Grade

September Silly Faces ;P

*Please refer to Dojo or the Newslette as the best place for classroom updates and communication!*