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                             The activities in blue are things you can do to help your

                 children retain their skills.  The listed websites were

                 chosen because they provide similar activities that we

                 conduct in Basic Skills small group instruction.




              Kindergarten:  Practice naming the alphabet letters and their sounds.

                                     Practice counting things and writing numbers.

                                     Click here:  Kindergarten H-F Word List.pdf 

                                     Click here:



               First Grade:   Practice your addition and subtraction facts.

                                     Practice reading your sight words.

                                     Click here:  1st high frequency words.pdf 

                                     Click here:



            Second Grade:  Practice you addition and subtraction facts.

                                     Practice fluency: read books to your family.

                                     Clicl here:   Wonders 2nd grade H-F list.docx 

                                     Click here:


                 Math K,1,2:

             Reading K,1,2:




                  Basic Skills Instructional Aides:

                                    Mrs. DeLorenzo:

                                     Ms. Wellington: