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Welcome to Mr. Sheehans' Website. 

Please explore the tabs on the left to find vocabulary, notes, games, & quizzes to help prepare you for your exams.  All current Assignments and materials can be found to the left under the appropriately named tab.


Parents:  The tabs to the left allow access to all classroom assignments & review quizzes for our current topic of study.  Students may access these from home, and will have everything they miss when they are absent right at their fingertips.  


All past materials can be accessed through the "Review" tab.  This will give them access to notes, games, and additional quizzes for content that we have already covered.  The Exam review quizzes found there provide a way for you and your child to periodically check their proficiency over past topics.  Your child needs to be proficient in all of these quizzes by the end of the year.  Have them practice these as often as possible.  After they complete each quiz, their grade will be displayed, giving you an instant assessment of their progress.