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Overview of Art Curriculum


The art curriculum I have prepared is sequential and cumulative.  Students will be introduced to the elements of art (line, value, texture, shape, form, space, color) as well as the principles of design (balance, rhythm, movement, proportion, variety, emphasis, unity) through exposure to both two and three dimensional artworks.  Various art forms will be investigated: these include drawing, painting, sculpture, architecture, and computer design.


 My instruction focuses upon the Discipline Based Art Education approach, concentrating on the four disciplines of Art Production, Art History, Art Criticism, and Aesthetics.  The objectives in these disciplines are and are appropriate for each grade level and related to state/national standards. Students will be introduced to a variety of media and techniques in their studio production.  Not only will students create art, they will also be encouraged to analyze, interpret, and evaluate art.  They will communicate their ideas and feelings.  Information that is presented will be related to artwork from specific times, places, and peoples.  While fostering a respect for multiculturalism, I also stress the qualities that are shared by all groups and link us together. 


All lessons will form connections to the other academic disciplines: Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Foreign Language (French), and Music.  Projects generally require an average of 2-4 class periods to complete, based upon the objectives involved.


 Through the lessons I introduce to my students, I hope to strengthen cognitive skills which may be carried on to their other content areas.  These include the abilities to remain focused on task, recall factual information, solve problems, draw conclusions, differentiate between opinion and objective observation, and think in visual images. 


Students in PreK through Grade 5 will be introduced to the art elements and design principles with each individual lesson.  


In addition to reinforcing  the thematic material introduced in the other curriculum areas, art lessons for Grades 6, 7, and 8 focus on studio exploration. Students will explore techniques, media, and art styles.  Assignments typically will take 3 weeks or longer to complete.  Students will also be responsible for completing required sketchbook assignments.


I make every attempt to display as much of our student artwork as possible; therefore, not all assignments are not immediately returned to students upon completion.





Student achievement of objectives will be assessed through projects, classroom performance, quizzes, observation, and group work.  Grading will be based upon: classroom performance, use of materials and tools, effort and participation, and behavior.  


Report cards will include the following:

Pre-K through Grade 1:  General Grading 

Grade 2 through Grade 8: Number Grade and Commentary


Student Expectations


Generally, students will be given an expected date of completion for each assignment in grades 6-8.  The production requirement for each class will be announced at the onset of the class period, with modifications made to the schedule as deemed necessary.  Students may be required to come to art class during activity period to maintain this production schedule and adhere to the project completion date. 


Students will be expected to adhere to classroom rules and procedures with specific regard to safety, respect, and responsibility.  They will be expected to create artwork to the best of their own ability, to learn, and have fun.  Ultimately, I wish for my students to feel a sense of inclusion, acceptance, and pride in their work.  The creativity and uniqueness that each student brings to the art room is celebrated and respected.  It is a place where imagination can soar, a place where a variety of artistic avenues are exposed, and where each child will see that the lessons learned in my class will enhance future endeavors.


In my classroom, students are strongly encouraged to use problem solving and critical thinking.  These are crucial skills necessary to promote artistic growth.  I don't always provide "a new paper" to try again; rather, I lead students to work through an unintended result by designing a creative resolution to the issue.


Middle School Students:  Lesson Due Dates


Middle school students (students in grades 6,7, and 8) will have due dates for assignments.

Assignments not completed by the due date will lose 10 points off of the actual final grade.  Exceptions will be made for extenuating circumstances.




Activity Period & Class Absences


Students may use the activity period to continue work on their assignment. 

If a student misses a class due to absence, they need to contact me to arrange a time to make up the missed work.  I request that any missed work be made up within one week to maintian production schedules and not affect the assignment grade. As stated earlier, students will lose a minimum of 10 points for late assignments.  In certain instances, assignments may be graded at their current level of completion. This also affects the final assignment grade.



How to Contact Me

You may contact me via Hamburg School email.  My school email is:


Alternately, you may call the school office at 973-827-7570 and leave a message for me there.




"Creativity takes courage."

Henri Matisse