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I was born in January 13, 1982. It was a Wednesday not a Friday ;-) I am Italian , but in my heart I am Belgian too.

I am capricorn and very stubborn. :-p


I was born in Africa (EX Zaire).

I am of Catholic faith and in God I trust and Jesus Christ.

I married June 6, 2015 to my wonderful husband Arnaud Leclercq. He is Belgian.


My mom is Italien and I did not know my father.


My big sister name is Consuelo she was born in Rome in October 24, 1974.

She is an engineer, but she decide to quit her Job and became a profetionnal and talented Belly dancer.

She speak french, Italien, spanish, English and she study Hungarian and Hebrew.


I speak French, Italien and every day I learn to speak better English :-D

I understand a lot Spanish because it is clause from Italien but it is hard for me to speak spanish because I never studie for.


In 1990 My family and I were force to leave Africa because the civil War in the country.

For my sister, my mom decide to go to Brussels in Belguim because Zaire was an ex Belgium Colony.

It was a choise for educational future of my sister because she was about to be graduate from hight school.


My favorite colore it's Blue, all kind of blue.

I love arts and classical musique. I would have liked to learn to play the piano because I love the sound of this instrument.

I also like several kinds of music. I can listen the classical music and pass to the techno music through the rock'n'Rool. 

Before I decide to be a teacher, I want to be an illustrator and makes kids books. So I went to an Arts school in Belgium Bruxelles : École Royale des Beaux Arts de Bruxelles (Royal School of Fine Arts in Brussels).

But I realize draw kids book did not pay bils because it is hard to find a job in that aera so, I go back to school and became a Kindergarten teacher because I could make a lot arts with kids.


I do not know why but I hate the taste and odor of cinnamon.
I love romantique movie, science-fiction movies especialy with vampire and werwolf and cartoon especialy walt disney movie but I cant not stand Winnie the Pooh (sorry). I love Japanese manga.
I love all kind of animals espacialy my dog Haiku and my cat Cleo and I hate peolpe who abuse them.
I am Vegeterian, This is my way to protest against people who abuse animals.
I respect all kinds of life.
We don't have kids but my husband and I wish for some day God bless us with beautifull and healthy kids.
Being a teacher for me is not only teaching math and sciences, but also teaching the school of life.
My greatest reward as a teacher is that I can reach and mark the hearts of the students I had and that I would have in the future.
I hope to teach you confidence in yourself and respect for yourself and others, and the most important thing is that the school does not define who you are, but it's just a bit of a road that helps you to become the person you want to be.