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Welcome to Ms. Craft's PreK class !!!



End of Year celebration May 30 at 8:30 am

***Bring your yellow tickets ***


We are reviewing our way through the alphabet, 4-5 letter each week. This week we are working on M-P . This week we are covering the numbers 1-25. Colors and shapes are a continuous process. We work on those daily.

Spatial concepts can be difficult for little ones. You can help them learn on, in, under, beside, in front, behind, above, etc. by talking about what you are doing. For example: "I put your cup on the table beside your plate." "Do you want applesauce in front of or beside your nuggets?"

The bathroom is going great for most of the kids. If you need a visual aid at home (for your child to let you know they need the toilet) let me know.


 It can be a challenge to share toys and adult attention with peers. You can help your child by playing simple games with them. Games that involve waiting for their turn can be as simple as catch or toy car races on the floor. Waiting helps your child learn to take turns, to be patient, and to delay gratification (all of these help with potty training).


We focus on communication and social skills. We embed academics into our day while practicing our communication and socail skills.


            Just for reference: Sick = excessive mucus from nose

                                                       green mucus

                                                       deep, congested cough

                                                       excessive coughing

                                                       general malaise




**To medicate in order to mask symptoms and then send to school is unacceptable.



We work very hard with handwriting. Most of the children do not like to write. As the strength in their hands improves, they will enjoy writing more. 

You can help at home: supervised snipping of paper, or drinking straws helps to improve strength in he hand. You and also help your child to write their first name on paper with a crayon. It only takes a few minutes, and you'll both have fun!!



We use every part of our day to encourage, model, and facilitate communication by the children. Communication delays are source of frustration for our children. Social skill instruction is differentiated by the child's actions and reactions to frustration associated with communication. You can help your child's communication skills by NOT anticipating their needs. When they must make you understand what they want, they are practicing communication skills.



Our Daily schedule:

Breakfast, Bathroom/diapers (table manners & social skills)

Circle time (academic, & social skills)

Bathroom, Recess (social skills & gross motor)

Wash hands, Snack, Bathroom (table manners & social skills)

Learning Centers/Small Group time (academic, fine motor, & social skills)

Lunch, Bathroom, Rest time (table manners & social skills)

Bathroom, Smartboard (social & gross motor skills)


The best times to contact me by telephone are from 7:00-7:30 am and after 2:30 pm.

You may email me at anytime. I will respond as soon as possible.


If you need to change the way your child is to go home and the school day has begun, PLEASE CALL THE SCHOOL.