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Mrs. Gauntt's Second Grade 

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 Second Grade Mission Statement

We will be leaders, we will be responsible for our learning and good character.

We will believe in each other and ourselves and celebrate every success.

We will reach our academic and personal goals by the end of second grade.



Reminder: Late bell rings at 8:55 am



Specials: 11:35-12:20

Lunch: 12:21-12:46

If you would like to join your child for lunch please meet us in the cafeteria at 12:21. you may sit inside the cafeteria or have a picnic at one of our tables outside. (However if you choose to sit outside you may only take your child.)

Recess: 12:46-1:01 (footballs are not allowed)



Homework packet will be sent home on Monday with our newsletter.

The homework packet will be due on Friday.  



Behavior chart

Students move up and down through the colors based on choices they make.

Everyone starts on Green.

Purple-Above and Beyond!

Pink– Keep it up!

Green– Ready to Learn


Orange– Think about it 

Red– Teacher’s Choice (loss of privilege, parent contact or referral)


Also, if transportation plans change, you must send a written note. If no note is received your child will go home by their usual method of transportation 


Do not e-mail changes to me regarding the way your child goes home. If there is a substitute in the classroom then the e-mail will not be received in time to pass the message to your child.