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 Classroom Recorder



Learning and playing recorders is always an exciting time!  The most asked question I get by students is "When are we going to start recorders?"  I hope this page will help. 



  • 3rd grade - We start learning recorders during the 2nd semester.
  • Your child has begun learning about instruments and may even want to play a band or orchestra instrument in middle school.  In preparation for that, one of the new skills we are going to learn is playing the recorder!


    We have recorders and lesson books that your child can use for each classroom.  The recorders will be sanitized after each class period.  I have a few recorders and books available for check out from the library for 10 days at a time.  They will be sanitized after they are returned.


    Your child may purchase a recorder from the school book store for $5.33.   We have a very few used recorders that may be purchased for $2.50 and will be available from the school book store as well.  Your child does not have to purchase a recorder, it just helps them to learn it a little more quickly as they can practice at home. We offer neck straps in red for $1.50.


    I look forward to exploring music with your child!  If you have any questions feel free to call or email me.


    Diane Jaskier, Music Specialist

    Ph: 239-995-2258, email:


  • 4th grade - We will review what we learned last year beginning the 1st quarter.     Please begin bringing your recorder to class to start our review of what we know. 


  • 5th grade - Recorder playing will happen throughout the school year as needed.


Recorders are available for purchase in the school office.   As of this date, they are priced as follows:


New recorders: $5.33

Used recorders

 when available: $2.50

Neckstraps:     $1.50

Recorders are available for 10 day check out from the school library.  This is free.


There is also a classroom set of recorders that are available for use in the classroom only.  They are disinfected after each use.