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*Eagle Chorus/Honor Choir 2019



**Honor Choir practice this 

   Thursday from 3:30 to 4:45 p.m. on-

      February 21 (this week) 

 PLEASE BRING CD'S BACK THIS WEEK if you havent already! 

**It has come to my attention that our choristers need some help in their practice from home.  They can't learn all the words to 7 songs from memory with just once a week rehearsals.  I will be thinking about how we can get together a little more often without disrupting your after school schedules. If you have ANY suggestions, please feel free to contact me at They really do need to be listening to the  practice discs that they were given. THANK YOU for your help!!! :)

They should be working on:

   * Hitori

   **Ching a Ring Chaw

   ***Laughing Song

   ****Bee! I'm Expecting You

   *****Hope is a Rising Star

   ******Breezes are Gently Blowing

   *******South African Suite

   ****Star Spangled Banner

       Upcoming practices Feb. 28...keep up the good work ladies!

The concert performance will be on Thursday, March 7th at South Fort Myers High School at 7 p.m. Your child needs to be at South Fort Myers High School by 6 p.m. to warm up.  Check back for the songs that the girls will be practicing! 


Thank you for an awesome Eagle Chorus semester!  It was delightful to have your child for Chorus.  We are done for this school year as other activities are starting when we get back from Winter Break. I hope that the 5th graders go on to have music in their middle school and high school careers. I also hope to see the 4th graders back next year as experienced 5th graders! It has been my honor to have your child. 



Thank you,


Diane Jaskier



The Rockin' Recorder Band/Eagle Chorus party was fun! Thank you for coming!



 Our performances went well! Thank you to all for your stage crew help. :)




Mrs. Jaskier