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Recorder Band 2019-20♥ 



 **Rockin' Recorder Band is on Tuesday, March 10th from 3:30 - 4:45 p.m.!

We are practicing:

     *E's a Jammin' the whole thing!

      *Juba Jive from measure the whole thing.

         *Take the A,B,C and G Train the whole thing.

     *Baby Shark.

There is a change in the performance schedule.  The Spring Fling will be on Wednesday, March 25th at 5 p.m.


         Holiday Program at JCEAWESOME JOB!!


The Recorder Band/Chorus Party has been moved to Tuesday, December 17th due to a conflict in scheduling. It will be from 3:30 until 4:45. :)

We are practicing the following and your student has a practice CD:

      *Miss Mary Mack 

      **Rock Boom BAG!   Practice the whole song.

      *Quest of the Three Kings -  Practice the whole song. :)

      **Jingle Bells- our first page is now changed to aid in learning accompaniment.  We have played the second page and done pretty well! :)


-----> What is the difference between practice and rehearsal?  We talked about practice being what you do at home and should be 3 to 4 times a week.  We then talked about rehearsal being what we get together and do on Tuesdays after everyone has practiced their parts in the music.

Students -- please remember that you can practice before school in the little room across from Mrs. Jaskier from 8:25 up to 8:45.


Recorders are available for purchase in the main office for $5.33!!! *****



Mrs. Jaskier