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the people


write it down


by the water

Who will make it?


you and I


What will they do?

He called me.


We had their dog.


What did they say?

When would you go?


no way


a number of people

one or two


How long are they?


more than the other

Come and get it.


How many words?


part of the time

This is a good day.


Can you see?


Sit down.


now and then


but not me


Go find her.

Not now.


Look for some people.


I like him.


So there you are.


out of water


a long time


We were here.


Have you seen it?


Could you go?

One more time.


We like to write.


all day long

into the water


It’s about time.


the other people

up in the air


She said to go.


Which way?

each of us


He has it.


What are these?

if we were older


There was an old man.


It’s no use.

It may fall down.


with his mom


at your house

from my room


It’s been a long time.


Will you be good?

Give them to me.


Then we will go.


Now is the time.

an angry cat


May I go first?


Write your name.


This is my cat.


That dog is big.


Get on the bus.

two of us


Did you see it?


the first word

see the water


as big as the first


but not for me

When will we go?


How did they

get it?


from here to there

number two


more  people


Look up!

Go down.


all or some


Did you like it?

a long way to go


When did they go?


for some of the people

over the river


my new place


another great sound

Take a little.


Give it back.


It’s only me.

I know why.


three years ago


Live and play.