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Maestra: Señora Hansen

Grados: 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, & 8th


limpiar/ to clean- dar/ to give- ir/ to go- mirar/ top watch-
hablar/ to talk - jugar/ to play- tocar/ to touch-
trabajar/ to work- beber/ to drink- comer/ to eat-
estudiar/ to study- dormir/ to sleep

2nd Grade & 3rd Grade

Nos Conocemos

* greet and say goodbye by imagining they visit Mexico
and meet children there.
*introduce themselves to new friends by imaging
different scenarios and engaging in dialogues with
their classmates.
*name family members by showing an image of
their families and introducing each person.
*identify and describe friends, events, and objects
by imagining they attend a community festival in Mexico.

Key terms: buenas tardes, buenos dias, buenos noches
adios, hola

4th Grade

* Students will be bringing home basic Spanish books to read aloud!
Please encourage them to read at home! IN SPANISH!

Nos Conocemos

*greet and say goodbye by imaging they visit Peru
and meet children their own age.

* name family members by studying a family tree and
completing one for their own family.

*identify and introduce themselves to new friends by
imagining different scenerios and engaging in a
dialogue with their classmates.

* describe themselves, other people, and places by
using adjectives in conversations and in writing.

5th Grade
Que Tal Books

Parts of the house! La Casa

Writing complete sentences in Spanish.

Er/IR/ AR verbs
and the irregular verb, Ir (to go)

6th Grade-

Ser verses Estar

Parts of your house!

Who is in your family?
How old are you?
Describe a calendar in Spanish.

7th Grade-
Students will learn about the culture and life in Ecuador.

Direct objects

Regular/ irregular verbs!
Ser/ Estar
La Salud- health and parts of the body!

Homework will be posted on my website calendar everyday.

8th Grade-


Unidad 5


Fiestas! Parts of a house! Chores!