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Dear Parent:


RBCS has had some great changes; one of them is that I will now be working as co-teacher in Science 5-8 with Mr. Krug. STEM is now part of the Science program.  Your student will still be working on projects that reflect what is being learned in cience while having the added benefit of having more time to apply their knowledge and creativity and I have the opportunity to have more time with each student. The STEM grade will now be part of their Science grade so it is important for each student to use their time wisey in the lab.

I will also be STEM Teacher for Grades K-4 where I will be seeing them once a week this year. 


I am excited to be working with your student in these areas. My goal is to excite children to explore and create in a nurturing and safe environment. I encourage them to step outside their comfort zone and challenge themselves to imagine new ideas and inventions. As in the past, students will continue to have the opportunity to work on individual projects to suite their interest if they so desire.


Please feel free to email or call me should you have any questions or concerns. I look forward to another exemplar year!




Mrs. Conni