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FitnessGram Testing (Grades 3-5) 


- FitnessGram is a comprehensive educational, reporting and promotional tool used to assess physical fitness and physical activity level for children grades 3-5.  It was first developed in 1982 by the Cooper Institute and is the most widely used chirldren's health-related physical fitness assessment in the world.  The assessment includes a variety of health-related physical fitness tests that are used to determine students' overall physical fitness and suggests areas for improvement when appropriate.  This is a state wide fitness test issued as a pre-test in September and a post-test in March. (


- Your 3rd, 4th, and/or 5th grader will be tested in 6 different categories:

1. Height (not disclosed on print-up of test results for privacy purposes)

2. Weight (not disclosed on print-up of test results for privacy purposes)

3. Flexibility (sit & reach)

4. Core (sit ups)

5. Upper Body (push ups)

6. Aerobic Capacity (20-meter pacer runs)


- A link to the FitnessGram website for any additional information is located in the "links" section on the left.  



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