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Coach K's P.E. Website

 Hey guys, Coach K here!  I'm so excited to start our new school year together.  Even though this school year may look a bit different, we're still going to get as much work in as possible, while still following proper protocols.  Some of those "different" looks for PE will be: 


- masks must be worn to and from your PE location.

- no masks while actually participating and exercising during PE.

- you MUST bring your OWN water bottle (yes it's hot, that should be a no brainer).

- one class per PE teacher (as of right now, it's ONLY myself, Mr. Lemons, and Mrs. Dodge).

- the use of minimal equipment to start the year and every equipment used will be sanitized once the class leaves.  


Like I said, even though school and PE (of course) will look a bit different, we will get through this together.  I hope you're ready for a great start to the new school year!  




 Physical Education Mission Statement




The Physical Education Department's mission is to focus on developing all students through various activities and sports, which teach knowledge, proper technique, sportsmanship, and teamwork, while promoting a healthy lifestyle.





FitnessGram Testing (Grades 4-5) 


- FitnessGram is a comprehensive educational, reporting and promotional tool used to assess physical fitness and physical activity level for children grades 4-5.  It was first developed in 1982 by the Cooper Institute and is the most widely used chirldren's health-related physical fitness assessment in the world.  The assessment includes a variety of health-related physical fitness tests that are used to determine students' overall physical fitness and suggests areas for improvement when appropriate.  This is a state wide fitness test issued as a pre-test in September and a post-test in March.


Your 4th and/or 5th grader will be tested in 6 different categories:

1. Height

2. Weight

3. Flexibility (sit & reach)

4. Core (sit ups)

5. Upper Body (push ups)

6. Aerobic Capacity (20-meter pacer runs)


*testing is subject to change due to COVID protocols.