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Choosing "Just Right" Books


Sometimes it is difficult to know if a book is going to be right for you just looking at it.  The Five Finger Rule is one way to "test" a book before you spend too much time with it and get either bored or frustrated.

1.  First, choose the book you think you would like to read.

2.  Find a page somewhere in the middle of the book. Pick a page with lots of text (words) and few or no pictures.

3.  Begin to read the page. It is best to read the page aloud or in a whisper voice so you can hear the places where you have difficulty.

4.  Each time you come to a word you don't know, hold one finger up.

5.  If you have all five fingers up before you get to the end of the page, the book is probably too difficult for you right now. You can try it again later in the year. If you need help finding a book, ask your teacher or librarian.

6.  If you have no fingers up when you finish the page, the book may be too easy for you, and you may want to pick something a little harder. If you have fewer than five fingers but more than one or two fingers up when you finish reading the page, the book may be just what you need to grow as a reader.


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