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Mrs. Pousson’s 2017-2018 Behavior Management System

Class Rules

  1. Follow directions quickly
  2. Raise your hand for permission to speak
  3. Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat
  4. Make smart choices
  5. Keep your dear teacher happy

Carpet Time Rules

1. Sit in designated space

2. Sit crisscross applesauce with hands in lap

3. Respect others’ personal space

4. Follow class rules

Mass Behavior

Students are paired with an 8th grade buddy.  The big buddy is there as a role model and guide. Kindergarteners are encouraged and expected o participate in Mass by paying attention, praying, singing and being respectful in Church.

At All Times

St. Margaret students are to be polite and respectful towards others both on and off campus.  Display acts of kindness, courtesy, justice, respect and cooperation towards our community and be a Christ-like example.

Clip Chart


On your child’s folder will be a Behavior Calendar, each day students will color the day to correspond to where their clip ends. Each day students begin on “Ready to Learn”.  Throughout the day I will be looking for students displaying good behavior and will ask them to move their clip up to either “Outstanding Behavior”, or “Super Star Student”. When students end their day on “Outstanding Behavior” they will choose a sticker for their good behavior chart.  When they reach “Super Star Student” they choose a sticker for their behavior chart and get to choose a Classroom Coupon ( these can be anything from wear a hat in class, no homework, bring a stuffed animal, etc.).  However, if a rule is broken students will first be given a warning (depending on the severity of the incident) before being asked to clip down to “Warning”.  If a student’s clip remains on “Warning” they will spend 2 minutes of recess practicing the broken rule.  If the student continues the behavior or breaks another rule (with a warning) the students will be asked to move their clip to “Teacher’s Choice”. Once on “Teacher’s Choice” students will spend 2 minutes of recess practicing the broken rule then 3 additional minutes completing a task such as beautifying the playground.  If misbehavior continues, the child will move their clip to “Parent Contact”.  At this point the student will be sent to the office to discuss their behavior with Mrs. Wicke and parents will be notified. 




Every student will have a Behavior Calendar attached to their folder that will be colored at the end of each day so parents can track their child’s behavior.  Parents are to initial each day, so the teacher knows that they have seen the chart. If a child is on Teacher’s Choice or Parent Contact, the parents will receive a “THINK SHEET” explaining what happened during our day. You must read and discuss this with your child.  We want positivity at the forefront and use our habits and virtues to help us grow and follow our rules! Likewise, if your child lands on “Super Star Student”, you will receive a “GLOW SHEET” with your child’s accomplishment.