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Make sure to visit:

Mrs. Guidry/Library website for additional resources to books.

Mrs. Jessen's website for art and craft activities

Mrs. Proksch for music resources

Coach Stubblefield for ways to stay active during our home learning

Sister Ann Miriam for religious resources



 Learning At Home

• READ! Read to your child and have them read to you!

• Practice sight words (read, spell, write the words, look for sight words everywhere)

• Talk about calendar: (today is…tomorrow will be…yesterday was…the date…)

• Draw pictures and write about your drawing

• Practice writing your first and last name

• Practice writing all letters and numbers

• Practice tying shoes

• TALK! To your children and ask them questions. Have them ask you questions.

• PLAY! Go outside and play!

• Play board games!




SMCS Mission Statement

Nurturing all children and achieving academic success in the Spirit of Christ.