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Monday, December 3 -

Tuesday, December 4 -

Wednesday, December 5 - spirit shirt and uniform bottoms

                                          Spelling Test

Thursday, December 6Feast of St. Nicholas

                                       Secret Santa Shop 11:30-12:00

Friday, December 7-   Mass @ 8:15 

                                    Phonogram Test


      December Donations:

Teddy Grahams : Decqlan Smith

Gummy Bears : Mariah Aubry

Gingerbread Cookies : Wes Lyons & Mariah Aubry         

                           Ginger Snaps : Mattison Whaley                         

Gum Drops and Toothpcks: _________________

      Graham Crackers: Ava Campbell & Decqlan Smith     

            Mini Oreos: Decqlan Smith 

                    Icing (2):Decqlan Smith     

               Hot Chocolate: Thevy's Joseph

Marshmallows/whipped: Trey Guy

         Popcorn :Thevy's Joseph

Cookies: ________________





School Mass: Girls must wear their jumper on Mass days and boys must wear pants.

November Birthday Free Dress: Thursday, November 29 students with a 
November birthday may wear free dress




SMCS Mission Statement

Nurturing all children and achieving academic success in the Spirit of Christ.