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Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year!



 Reader lives a thousand lives

For meeting your AR goals each 9 weeks, we invite you to attend:

  • Nov 2nd Slime Time
  • Dec 21st Strawbees Building Challenge
  • Mar 22nd Game Day! (Video games, Card games, Board games)
  • May 10th Painting with a Twist



We enrich learning through rigorous literacy education, encouraging reading for enjoyment, and providing access to information for students and teachers alike. Kids who find reading to be fun are more likely to spend significant time reading – and those who read the most become proficient, lifelong readers.





Check your AR goal and progress here.




Hello students!  I can't wait to share my enthusiasm for reading with you.  You are welcome any time I don't have a class to drop in and enjoy the comfort of being surrounded by adventures and knowledge in our library. Remember to stay quiet and respectful so we can all enjoy ourselves!

~Mrs. Kerry



Spongebob meme


How to check out ebooks from Allen Parish Libraries:




  1. Go to:
  2. To check out an ebook, click on “Now Available:  Ebooks.”  This is their Overdrive system.
  3. Search for a book or scroll down to click on “Kids Collection.”
  4. You’ll need a library card once you decide which book you want.  Enter your number and download your book to your device and enjoy!  The books are automatically deleted after two weeks.




If you want to check out audiobooks, movies, or music, you can go back to the Allen Parish main site and click on “Hoopla.”



Use Scholastic's Book Wizard to get ideas for reading!


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