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New Students Registration Information 


You will need to bring:


  • 2 proofs of residency showing where services are currently delivered to you at your address 

  • Student’s birth certificate, social security card, and shot records 

  • Drop slip from previous school


General School Enrollment Policies  


Proof of Residency 


Two proofs are required.  These must be current, original papers and must have your name and address on them.     We will make copies of your originals.


Acceptable proofs include: 

  • Current electric bill, water bill, or other utility bill showing connection to that location                                   

  • Lease or bill of sale showing appropriate dates      


    If you cannot provide these two proofs because you are living with someone, you must bring in the following items: 


  • Notarized residency affidavit with 4 proofs of residency from the person with whom you are living. Acceptable proofs are listed on the residency affidavit information sheet.  You and your child must be living at that location.  Only court- approved custody changes can be accepted.

  •  Two proofs of residency from you.     


 Acceptable proofs include: 


  • Updated driver’s license or Louisiana ID with current address

  • U.S. Post Office Change of Address Form completed and returned to us     



Registration with Residency Affidavits begins 2 weeks before school starts.  Residency affidavits must be updated regularly.