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Algebra Supply List:


- 3-ring binder

- lined paper

- graph paper

- pencils

- erasers

- expo markers

- 3 dividers labeled: Classwork, Homework, Assessments




Midyear and Final Average Calculations


Midyear and final grades are calculated using point values per this table:


   A+    12


   A       11


   A-     10


   B+    9


   B       8


   B-     7


   C+    6


   C       5


   C-     4


   D+    3


   D       2


   D-      1


   E        0


The sum of the numeric equivalents for each marking period grade is then divided by the number of marking periods, resulting in the final average. The final average is then compared with the table to assign the final letter grade. 


These averages are NOT computed using the total points earned divided by the total points available.  Only the individual marking period grades are assigned using points from that marking period.




Link to Online Textbook:




Grading Policy

All grades are based upon the following: homework, class work, concept checks, quizzes, and tests. Grades are calculated using points earned out of the total possible number of points.